Sunday, 27 May 2012

Grass Animals

Preps learned about animals that creep, crawl, slither and hop in the grass.

Day 1: We created our animals using texta and watercolour. I encouraged students to fill in their animals to create interesting visual texture.Then we filled in our background using soft pastels or watercolour.

Day 2: We cut paper to create grass into "long triangles" and scrunched tissue paper to create flowers. We used regular glue sticks to paste on the grass and flowers.

There were lots of sticky fingers after this lesson.

Cat and very careful cutting and pasting!
The cutest dog I have ever seen!

Sunset background

Flowers in the sky 

Overall, a very successful lesson. Love it!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Year 5 and 6 Pieces

Keep it up!
Year 5- Textas
Year 6- Basla Wood
Year 6- Wire Tree
Year 6- Felty
Year 5- Collage
Year 5- Texta
Year 5- Pencil Crayons/Texta 
Year 5- Line Design/Texta
Year 5- Watercolour Pencil 
Year 5- Soft Pastel
Year 5 - Line Design/Texta
Year 5- Texta
Year 6- Pencil Crayons
Year 5- Acylic
Year 5- Acrylic

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Warm Colours

We were inspired by day time animals with wings- butterflies, dragonflies, birds and bees.

Magic Word: Warm Colours

Day 1: To create our animals we used texta, crayon and watercolour (In that order). We filled in our animals with lines, shapes and patterns.

Day 2: After hours of cutting and pasting, students work was ready to be glued against a background. d Preps did their best at filling in their border with interesting shapes and lines using text and then filled their shapes in with watercolour (warm colours).

Asian Scrolls with a Twist

Japanese and Asian Landscapes
This lesson, students learned that images that are closer can overlap images that are further away. As a class, we brainstormed images that were inspired by asian landscapes. Students were experts as they did a passport to Asia activity last year with their classroom teachers. A rule that students had to follow was one image had to show overlapping and one images had to show dark to light towards the horizon line. Students planned out there images on rough copy paper before transferring their images onto the good copy paper. 
We used watercolour pencils. Some students chose to use soft pastels for their background. 

They look pretty impressive hung up in the art room and just in time for Asian Week at our school.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Year 5 and 6 Pieces

Year 5 and 6 work. Keep it up!!!

Year 5- Collage
Year 5

Year 5- Grey Lead Drawing/Emphasis
Year 5- Watercolour Paint/Fineliner
Year 5- Crayons/Fineliner/Textas
Year 5- Grey Lead/One Point Perspective
Year 5- Collage
Year 5- Grey Lead/Emphasis

Year 5- Pencil Crayon/Crayon
Year 5- Watercolour Pencils/Pencil Crayon/Crayon/Acylic/Fineliner
Year 5- Collage 
Year 5- Collage/Texta
Year 6- Texta/Pencil Crayon
Year 6- Watercolour Pencils/Fineliner