Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Prep- Art and Nature

Art lessons beyond the art room!

We were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and his large pieces of land art using natural materials. 

I absolutely loved seeing kids play and explore and connect with nature in an artistic way.

Preps gathered sticks and rocks and other treasures around the yard and set out creating shapes and patterns. Students created homes, gardens, lolly pops, cats, spirals, portraits and other imaginative things!

Year 3 Foam Relief Collage

Are these not the most amazing pieces of art work ever!

Year 3s have spent the last 3-4 classes working on these creations. After students brainstormed and planned out their ideas, they started on the collage part of their artwork. Students cleverly assembled tissue paper together to create their backgrounds and drew into foam to create their main images. Students took turns printing their images as the back table with me!


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Year 6 Art Show!

This year, we decided to have an art show featuring the Year 6 art work! 

I am such a lucky art teacher to witness all of the wonderful creative pieces that the kids create in the art room! It was really great to see how excited the kids were when  showing off their art work to their friends and family.  I am one very proud art teacher. Congrats Year 6s, your effort and creativity does not go unnoticed! 

Thanks Sara for letting us take over your classroom and thank you to my art leaders for helping me set up!