Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lines lines lines

Preps learn about lines. First we drew different types of lines with texta and then we painted with food dye. Preps painted with soft brush stokes and were really good at keeping their brush clean and dragging off any excess water. Not bad for our first project!

We finished our lines off with one sparkly line - kids really do love glitter.

Great work Preps

Sunday, 12 February 2012

First Week

What a successful first week. Students are busy planning their artworks. Here is just a peak at what we are creating this term.

Also, here are a couple pictures of the art room. Not much has changed from last year. I hope to put a word wall up soon.

I  just realised that I forgot to take pictures of Prep art. Coming soon.

Posters inspired by Pinterest

Arst is... spelled A-R-T. Very insightful ;)

Year 3 Weaving
I was going to do weaving this term with students and found a great artblog that had students create a story to base their weave from.

Year 4 Sewing- Students have planned their weave and have made a good copy for tracing.

Year 5 folios- Students are very excited to get started on their own projects. We just have a couple of folio tasks before they begin on their journey.

Art Mind Map