Thursday, 24 November 2011


The magic words for this lesson were printing and blending.

I just wanted the kids to experiment with printing so I told them that they could create any image they wanted and that they just had to fill their whole page with interesting shapes and lines. Some students created patterns, buildings, boats, houses, rockets and monsters, while others just enjoyed printing random lines on their page.

Acrylic Paint
Scrap pieces of cardboard and balsa wood
Soft Pastels

Students had a lot of fun printing. Soft pastels were a big hit but despite my best effort some students still left with very messy faces and clothes (sorry parents!).

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Year 4 Printing

I love love love printing! It is my favourite unit to teach. I love the quality of prints and how each print is very unique.

Year 4s worked very hard to plan and create their prints. We used a foam relief, different coloured ink and coloured paper.

Great work Year 4!!!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Year 3 play with Plasticine!

Because of school camp, holidays, planning week and the production, 3C missed out on a few art classes. To make up for the fact, I decided to plan a lesson, that played with the skill of overlapping and collage using plasticine. Students were inspired by Barbara Reid, who is a CANADIAN author and artist. She is known for creating beautiful illustrations using plasticine.

First, students created a plan that included a background and foreground. Second, using their plan as a template, students spread a thin layer of plasticine over thick paper to create their background (there were a lot of sore thumbs afterwards). After, students worked on creating their foreground images and added texture using a thin stick. 

All in all, a successful project. I would have to say only a few had difficulties making sure their plasticine layer was thin enough and keeping their colours separate.