Thursday, 29 March 2012

Year 4 Sewing Piece

Students designed their own sewing piece on paper. After students completed their good copy they copied it on to calico fabric using pencil or a fabric pen. Next time we wont use pencil because it was a bit hard to erase afterwards.

Students were encouraged tp use the back stitch"poke up to where you want to go and go back to your last hole" was the phrase we used to help us remember.

Early finishers turned their embroidery into a pillow

More weaves

Weaving continued...

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Year 2 Dragons

Every term we have a planning week which leaves me teaching 5 classes of year 1s and 2s for 1 hour.  This term I decided to do origami boats with the year 1s and dragons with the year 2s. We need some arty decorations for Asian week next term.

First, students drew on the back of the contact paper with pencil and when they were happy with their design they turned their paper around and traced over their lines with black texta. Students then carefully coloured their dragons using permanent marker. Normally I would have the kids place their dragons onto foil but because of  time restrictions and having art in their classrooms, I did it myself.

For the mural I cut out construction paper and added soft pastel.

The dragons are outside of the office if you want to come see!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Prep Portraits

Preps learned what a portrait was and learned how to draw their own portrait. Most of the preps found the eyes and the shape of the head to be the trickiest bit. We all managed though. We drew our portrait in black texta and then painted with watercolours. Some also wanted to draw their whole body as well instead of just their shoulders.

Great job everyone!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

First Batch of Weaving

Year 3s are finished their weaves! This project went from being a 6 week project to an 8 week project. Weaving take a lot of time... and patience!  I saw this project on and thought it was an amazing project.

We took one class to create our story and it took about 6 classes to finish the weave. It took students a couple of classes to get into weaving. Students had troubles making sure that they didn't skip any strings and they also had trouble looping around the last string. Some students also pulled on their strings too tight... It took a while, but every year 3 should know how to weave.

Students created a final copy for their stories as most of them ended up adding new colours/changing their original plan. I was really surprised about how thoughtful students were about their stories. Students  who finished early made little 4 string bracelets.

More will be posted soon!!!

Preps learn about the primary and secondary colours

Preps learned about the primary colours and we discovered that when the primary colours are mixed together they create new colours.

Preps loved creating with straws instead of paint brushes. Preps discovered that red and yellow make orange, blue and red make purple and blue and yellow make green.

Preps also discovered that their blow art looked like creatures so we used mosaic paper squares and textas to add detail to our creatures.

Adding Texta Details
Mosaic Border
"I am making an M for my name"
Primary Colours and Secondary Colours
"I made a whale"