Friday, 2 March 2012

Preps know Shapes

This week preps learned about shapes! First, I showed Preps a Kandinsky piece and asked them what shapes they saw.

When Preps got their paper they first wrote their names in a shape (tricky for the little guys). Then they filled their page with careful shapes and lines. I was happy to see that some children naturally created patterns with their shapes.

We painted our picture using food dye. We  learned that if we wanted to fill just a small shape with paint we only had to dip the tip of our paint brush in the paint. If students finished early they could practice their cutting and pasting skills by adding small shapes to their work. Some kids even played with glitter.

Pretty great stuff preps.
Prep J
Amazing fine motor skills
Pasting on shapes
Practising careful painting
This prep chose her own colour scheme?!!!!
Look at all those little details.
Smily face triangles make me so happy.
Bubble writing!!!
Such bright colours!

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