Thursday, 27 December 2012

Last Post of the Year!!!

This year 5 learned this technique from his dad (who is an artist)

Wow, its taken me a while to post my last lessons (better late then never).

I had a great year teaching art. It is great to have one full year under my belt.

These are a few pieces that the year 5s and 6s were working on. For the last 3 weeks of school, students were not allowed to start any big projects like canvases and sculptures. They focused more on watercolour and grey lead. I even cut the watercolour to size A5 and A6. Lots of students were happy drawing in their folio (earlier I gave some folio tasks for students who didn't know what to do).

I cant wait until next year! One goal is to have more people visit my blog (including parents!).

Year 4 reduction prints

Year 4 Reduction Printing (one of the most stressful lessons this year). Any tips to keep printing low stress???

We did our first print together as a class (5 tables of ink and brayers) and then for the next two classes I had only one table of 4 printing at a time.

The students that were not printing worked on cross hatching and pointillism (I don't have any pictures as I got a little lazy/forgetful in the last weeks of school). Students were just happy to "free draw" as there wasn't anytime for that during the school year.

I wish I had more pictures but I really did get "forgetful" towards the end of school.

Year 3 Collages

The dog and the use of an orange for the sun is a cute touch!
This student originally planned out a soccer net but changed it to a drive-in movie theatre.  
The hoop is 3D!
"Chocolate mountain"

I have always wanted to do magazine collages with my students. I am extremely happy that I attempted collaging with my year 3s. They did extremely well and took care and effort into tearing and cutting the pieces of magazines (our rule of thumb was no larger than a 50 cent coin). This art lesson was a great opportunity for students to problem solve as some students had to change their original plan as their plan and some students had trouble deciding what parts of their picture they had to fill first (to make collaging different areas the easiest).

This was a 3-4 week project. (although a handful of kids took 5 weeks!). I gave students a planning sheet before they started on their good piece. We also talked about having a balance of different textures from different magazines. I wish I took more pictures!

Proud Art Teacher!

Year 3 Bas Relief Sculpture

2nd time around with better results!!! Last year I had students do their piece on the theme of "Your favourite things" or  "What do you love". This year I just let students chose whatever image they wanted.

Students layered cardboard onto a larger piece of cardboard (we talked about the importance of careful cutting and having more than 1 layer to create visual interest). This year students used glue sticks to place the tissue paper on their work (last year we used pva and it was super messy). For the final touch, I rubbed the metallic oil pastel over their work (last year kids went oil pastel crazy and when too much oil pastel is unfixable!)

Prep Still life flowers

Preps looked at real flowers (that I hand picked on my walk to school) and drew what they saw using permanent marker.  We looked at the different lines and shapes we could see in the flowers and leaves.

Next, we used bleeding tissue paper and sharpies to add colour to our art work. We talked about having a balance of colour on our page (I only gave 10 minutes of colouring using sharpies). Students had fun creating different colours by overlapping the tissue paper.

Beautiful results!