Thursday, 27 December 2012

Last Post of the Year!!!

This year 5 learned this technique from his dad (who is an artist)

Wow, its taken me a while to post my last lessons (better late then never).

I had a great year teaching art. It is great to have one full year under my belt.

These are a few pieces that the year 5s and 6s were working on. For the last 3 weeks of school, students were not allowed to start any big projects like canvases and sculptures. They focused more on watercolour and grey lead. I even cut the watercolour to size A5 and A6. Lots of students were happy drawing in their folio (earlier I gave some folio tasks for students who didn't know what to do).

I cant wait until next year! One goal is to have more people visit my blog (including parents!).

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  1. Great work! The year goes so quickly, doesn't it?
    :) Elizabeth