Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Last post of the year...

What a successful few months it has been! 

I am extremely proud of Elwood Primary students, for creating such wonderful unique pieces of art this year. I cannot wait to teach for the full year next year.

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

Door Art
Some last minute finishers... Well done year 5 and 6. Year 5s, I cannot wait to see what wonderful things you create next year.

Sophie- Fruit Stand
Lauren- Candy Shop

Bella- Model Home

Aisha- Cherry Blossom Tree
Mini Totem Pole
Charlie- Mine Craft
Eman- Acrylic Painting

Reduction Prints

Labor of love! So proud of my year 4s for producing such amazing work. Students experimented with colour. We found that black and white ink looked the best for the final print.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Lost post

Earlier in the term year 3s created a low relief sculpture. These sculptures were a bit tricky as there were many components to the project.

First, students planned their piece inspired by what they are thankful for or what their favourite thing is. Then they cut their pieces out of cardboard and glued them on to a thick piece of cardboard. Thirdly, students glued strips of tissue paper to their relief (This was the tricky part as students needed to put lots of glue on). Finally, students took a metallic pastel and lightly coloured in their relief. I would like to try this with the year 4s or 5s next time as some students found it difficult to cut the cardboard and glue on the tissue paper.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

It Is Christmas

Holiday inspired art kind of just snuck into the program this year. 

The year 3s had their last art class at the college last week. This week we were in the classroom. Its always a bit tricky when doing art in the classroom, so I decided to create a Christmas themed mural. Some students had to finish their collage from last week, but most ended up making at least one image for the mural. Looks fantastic!

Imagine snow, skiing, snowboarding, skating and carolling! 

For the last week of classes, I planned for preps to paint a picture of their choice. But it kind of just evolved into Christmas themed paintings. Kids loved it! We used black texta and food dye.

They have come so far in a year!

Year 5s and 6s were finishing their projects this week, so the ones who were finished refined their cutting skills by creating Polish themed paper cuts.

Impressive paper cuts

Year 5 and 6 Projects

Good luck on Monday Year 6s!!!
Isabella- Felty
Harvey- Double Helix
Mmmmm Cookies
Sculpey clay cake

Zali- Loft 

China- Magic
Elodie- Koala Felty

Saskia- Model Home
Tim- Monuments around the world
Noah- Minecraft
James- Minecraft

Verdena- Acrylic Painting