Saturday, 17 December 2011

It Is Christmas

Holiday inspired art kind of just snuck into the program this year. 

The year 3s had their last art class at the college last week. This week we were in the classroom. Its always a bit tricky when doing art in the classroom, so I decided to create a Christmas themed mural. Some students had to finish their collage from last week, but most ended up making at least one image for the mural. Looks fantastic!

Imagine snow, skiing, snowboarding, skating and carolling! 

For the last week of classes, I planned for preps to paint a picture of their choice. But it kind of just evolved into Christmas themed paintings. Kids loved it! We used black texta and food dye.

They have come so far in a year!

Year 5s and 6s were finishing their projects this week, so the ones who were finished refined their cutting skills by creating Polish themed paper cuts.

Impressive paper cuts

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