Sunday, 30 October 2011

Aboriginal Inspired Art

I teach 1 out of the 5 year 1 classes and we created art that was inspired by some famous paintings done by Aboriginal artists in Australia. Students noticed that dots and vibrant colours are a big feature of Aboriginal art.  First, we drew a picture of an animal found in Australia on black paper. Next, students dipped a wooden stick into acrylic paint and filled in their image with colour. Finally, we created a background using a paint brush and acrylic paint. Year 1s did a great job of carefully placing their dots onto their paper.

This activity was done in Term 3 during circus spendita rehearsals so many students either didn't create an animal or a background. I think the background looks fantastic without an animal on it!

Preps learn to weave

Our magic word in art for the last 2 weeks has been "Weaving". Preps had a lot of fun learning how to weave using only a paper plate and yarn. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did and they only needed help tying their strings together. I had some year 5s and 6s come down and help tie knots and cut string.  After we finished weaving the plates, students were given markers and paper to decorate their plate and make a creative background. Most preps turned their weave into a flower or a sun as the cut edges looked like petals. In retrospect, I probably would have just had them decorate their plate and glue a piece of string to the back so they could hang them... There is always next time!

A simple in and out or in front and behind pattern

Decorating their plate

Preps concentrated on filling their whole plate with colours.
No Kinder scribbles in E.P.S!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Year 4s are finished their sculptures...

This post is a bit outdated because it took me over a week to figure out how to update my photos on iphoto so I could upload them. About 85% of students have completely finished their sculptures and the rest of them just need to apply one last coat of paint or supergloss.

*Update* Last week we started on our printing unit, so students didn't have time to work on them. I think I have given students MORE than enough time to work on them and have even told them they can come in at lunch to finish them. Hopefully ALL students will take home a completed sculpture... Fingers crossed.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Year 5 and 6 Projects

Vanessa 5/6 A- Cute alien

Georgia 5/6D- Amazing Wire Tree

Max 5/6D FELTY

Austin 5R- Rugby player

Jasmine 6J- Graffiti Wall!

Can You Believe These Were Done by Year 1 and 2?!

This week I had the opportunity to teach classes that I usually do not teach! We were not in the Art Room so we got creative and made a mural full of Minibeasts (creatures found in the garden). Students refined their cutting and pasting skills. Students were challenged to use lots of colours and cut out little details for their creature.

2K and 2T

"Can I make an apple and have worms coming out of it" ... ummmm YES!

The year 2s were especially good a cutting out the small details for their creature

Year 1!

They did a great job!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Unwanted Items for the Art Room?

Hi All,

Thanks for checking our art blog when you can. There is an option to click older posts at the bottom of the page or you click on each grade under the "labels" category on the right hand side. If anyone has the following items lying around the house, please feel free to throw them our way.

Colourful Wool and or Embroidery Thread
Old colourful magazines for collages (travel, food, garden etc)
Old Maps
Recycled thin cardboard (cereal and cracker boxes etc)

Any arty donations are always welcome and appreciated.



Monday, 10 October 2011

Planning Week

Today I had the pleasure of teaching all of the Preps in the same dayand we managed to finish all of our "Ish" paintings. Before the holidays we read the book Ish and students drew their images with text. Some classes filled in their images with crayon and other classes experimented with the wet-on-wet painting technique. We also added some salt for a little kick. Here are a couple of examples.

Prep S
Prep S
Prep S work hanging in the Art Room
Aren't they wonderful! The kids went crazy with the salt and loved to see the little crystals form as their painting dried. These will be handed back next week!