Sunday, 30 October 2011

Preps learn to weave

Our magic word in art for the last 2 weeks has been "Weaving". Preps had a lot of fun learning how to weave using only a paper plate and yarn. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did and they only needed help tying their strings together. I had some year 5s and 6s come down and help tie knots and cut string.  After we finished weaving the plates, students were given markers and paper to decorate their plate and make a creative background. Most preps turned their weave into a flower or a sun as the cut edges looked like petals. In retrospect, I probably would have just had them decorate their plate and glue a piece of string to the back so they could hang them... There is always next time!

A simple in and out or in front and behind pattern

Decorating their plate

Preps concentrated on filling their whole plate with colours.
No Kinder scribbles in E.P.S!

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