Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Dot

Art inspired by the book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds

Day 1: After we read the story, students used watercolour paints to create dots. They started with one dot in the middle and used different colours to make their dot "grow".

Day 2: We printed with acrylic paint using found objects-bottle caps, corks, toilet paper rolls etc. The kids "signed" their work using a special gold marker.



The magic word in the Art Room was printing.

This was Preps first time printing and they did extremely well.

Day 1: Students used leaves, acrylic paint and rollers to create their prints (Oh sooo messy).

Day 2: Students chose either warm or cool coloured soft pastels to fill in their negative space/background (3 pieces each). Students learned to blend their soft pastels together using their index and middle fingers.

Love it!!!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Year 4 takes on 1 point perspective

All in all, a successful lesson. We discussed the vanishing point, implied lines, parallel lines and shading. Adding parallel lines were a bit tricky for some, but in the end we got there.

Students experimented with grey lead, pencil crayons and texta.

Keep up the great work!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Year 3 Close Ups

Georgia O'Keefe inspired art!

I can see why this lesson has been done many times, it is a real gem that produces very effective art pieces. 

During this term, year 3s have been learning about creating depth and distance in landscape style arts works. This lesson, we learned that images that are closer have more detail/colour then images that are further away. We used glue and soft pastel. Students chose an image that were found in nature. Students experimented with colour combinations on a scrap paper. A tip was to blend 3 or more colours together. Students also chose background colours that would compliment their close up image. 

5 and 6 Pieces

Toby Year 5- Despicable Me Character
Rory Year 6- Minecraft Acrylic Painting
Siena and Samaia Year 5- Collaborative Acrylic Painting
Grace Year 5- Manga Acrylic Painting
Jackie Year 6- Spray Paint Stencil and Acrylic Painting
Johnny Year 6- Spray Paint Stencil and Acrylic Painting
Danielle Year 5- Acrylic Painting
Beth Year 5- Watercolours
Mia Year 5-  Watercolour Pencils and Soft Pastel
Noah Year 5- Texta and Crayon
Jarod Year 5- Texta
Ethan Year 5- Texta
Cassie Year 5- Grey Lead
Ambrose and Alistair Year 5- Collaborative Drawing
Maddie Year 5- Watercolour Paint and Soft Pastel
Saskia Year 6- Sculpture
Ravenna Year 5- Glow Paints
Eva Year 5- Walking Pallet Acrylic
Sankalpa Year 5- Acrylic Painting
Maggie Year 6- Acylic Painting
Verdhena Year 6- Ruby Acrylic Painting
Tuesday Year - City Acrylic and Glow Painting
Julia Year 5- Watercolour Pencil and Acrylic 
Nicolas Year 6- Pencil Crayon 
Victoria Year 6- Watercolour Pencils

Love it!