Monday, 26 September 2011

Year 3 Term 3 Final Project- Perspective

Year 3 have been working on their final project  for the last couple of weeks! Students were asked to create a piece of artwork that reflected what we have learned this term. Students had a choice between paints, pastels and ink and watercolour pencils. Students and I created a criteria which included a piece of artwork that included dark to light towards the horizon line, big to small towards the horizon line and detail to less detail towards the horizon line. Students were encouraged to fill their whole page with their own images.

Popular images were definitely a footy field and trees!

Love it!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What a great cause!

Students at EPS have had the opportunity to be involved in an international campaign that supports the abolishment of nuclear weapons. One of the parents at EPS is heavily involved in this international campaign and the art activities provided fit right into our art program. Students were asked to use their creativity to turn a nuclear weapon into something else. Some of the year 5/6s had the opportunity to participate in this activity this week. I sound like a broken record when I say this, but I am really blown away by the ideas that come from the students! Honestly.

Hopefully all of the pictures will be uploaded to this site in the next couple of weeks. Check it out!





 White out pen

Great Mark?

Year 4 Sculptures

It has been quite the journey for the Year 4s in terms of their sculptures and the journey will continue after the holidays! Because Year 4 art fell on Mondays this term, we have missed out a bit due to production etc. No worries though because we will spend 2 weeks finishing them off in Term 4.

This is after 2 coats of paint!

Very cute

One more coat to go plus polk dots!
Most children have applied ONE coat of acrylic paint to their sculptures. We just need to add one more coat and some decorative details.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Front Bulletin Board by my Door

Principles and Elements of Art and Design
The Focuses for Art across the Levels
Classroom Rules
Fire Drill Procedures
Blooms Revisted Taxonomy

I really should say "Do Amazing Work"

I have not sent a note home to any parents, fingers crossed!

Lunch Time Art

Due to popularity, I will be dividing Lunch Time Art up for Term 4. Last Friday I had about 30 kids in the Art Room because I cannot say NO! 

Here is the new schedule:

On Fridays, it will be Prep to year 2 for the first 5 weeks and Year 3 to Year 6 for the last 5 weeks! Students will have to come show me a plan for their design and gives reasons why they should be part of Art Club! If kids show me a solid plan and are dedicated to coming every Friday for 5 weeks they will be invited to Art Club. 

On Mondays, it will be Prep to year 2 for the first 5 weeks and Year 3 to year 6 for the last 5 weeks. The students coming to this session with be selected by Teachers!

Lula and Simone


Year 5s and 6s still continue to amaze me with their projects!
Tilly - Felty

Lucy 5J- Hammer sculpture

James 5J- pencil crayon drawing- building on cliffs

Benji 5J - City drawing with grey lead and pastel

James 6A- Camouflage jet

Maile 6A- Signs sculpture

Daniel 6A- Felty mushroom

Oscar 6A- Plane

Magic word is "Ish"

Last week we read "Ish" for our final book for book month. The story is about a boy to who loves to draw than stops because his brother laughed at one of his drawings. The boy, with help from his sister, realises that drawing don't have to look perfect and can be described as "ish".  I encouraged children to draw their favourite things! Next week we will be painting them!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lunch Time Art

I had to sneak this project on here! Kelly and Grace did a fantastic job of creating an image that was inspired by the circus and Tim Burton. The girls used cardboard, paper, tape and clay for the armature and sculpey clay and paint for the patina. Great job girls!

Joseph did a lovely job of creating a butterfly. He used cardboard rolls, cardboard, sculpey clay, foam, paint and coloured paper.

Eric Carle Took Over the Art Room

Book Month continued...

Preps worked very hard at cutting out shapes out of our textured paper that we made last week to create an animal and or background image. The popular choices were trees, butterflies and snakes. Some more interesting images including rocketships, rhinos and angry birds. Their art work turned out great!

Here are a few samples.
Owl sitting on a branch with a leaf

Cat and sun

Little Owl

Flower with very small petals!

Prep T Art Work in the Art Room

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Year 5/6 Projects

Go Saint Kilda! 

Nintendo Characters are very popular in the art room!


Alien Felty

Basketball Court- Reminds me of the little aliens from Space Jam