Friday, 2 September 2011

The First Week of Spring

Another busy week in the art room! There are so many exciting things happening at Elwood Primary School right now, especially the production.

Continuing on with creating art inspired by books, we read one of Eric Carles books. I love his illustrations and thought that the Preps would love to have a go at using his art processes. This week we worked with ACRYLIC paints! Don't worry I stressed that the paint was permanent and that was only to touch brush and paper. Preps learnt about the word texture, and worked hard at creating rough texture by using texture tools and combining colours. Next week we will be ready to use our textured paper to create wonderful little creatures.

Textured Paper

1S is finished working on their wacky circus inspired machines. Students had fun making up inventions. One student came up with creating a machine that made afros?!

Year 3s started their final project this week. Students were asked to plan and design an image that shows depth and distance. We created a rubric together and the students chose between pastels, water-colour pencils and paint as their medium. Good luck year 3s!

Here are some pictures of their last project. Students were asked to create an image where closer images were more detailed than farther images.

Outside our classroom at the College
Year 5/6 continued on with their art.


Candy Land


Birds Nest

Have a good weekend!

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