Friday, 26 August 2011

Organizing is 99% complete

Another busy week in the art room.

Preps finish off their "Family Forest" by painting over textas and crayons images with waterpaint. The Preps experimented with blending colours together before applying the paint to their paper. Students also worked carefully on doing tiny soft brush strokes.

Prep H
Prep S
Most of the year 3 classes finished off their landscape art by applying water to their picture this week. Here are some samples of students who are still working on filling in their page with images using water colour pencils. Students learned that closer images have more detail than further images. 3K, 3M and 3/4 J's art work will be posted at the college on Thursday. Pictures soon.

Year 4 have been working away at building their skeleton for their sculpture. The skeletons beginning to take form. Next week we start working with paper mache! Any brave parents are more than welcome to come in and help out. Year 4 times are Monday 9- 10 and 11.30 - 1:30.

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Can you guess what we are?
Year 5 and 6 are busy with their folios. If anyone knows any graffiti artists or people that are passionate about graffiti art  and would pop in to the art room for a short visit, please send me his or her details!

"Get down there, get those photographer angles"
Students are creating wonderful things using construction skills and magic clay. 

I have been updating this blog on Saturdays but hopefully next week I will have a class computer so updates will be more often.

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