Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Preps love Printing

Preps learned how to print using recycled balsa wood/cardboard and paint! 

Preps made sure to keep their stamp in the same spot for 1-2 seconds before they lifted it off to get a nice clean print. It was a bit tricky for some students because some wanted to "paint" a line or shape on their page instead of print.
 I got to say, preps loved using the soft pastels to fill their page and they had a lot of fun blending the soft pastel together. Soft pastel was pretty much everywhere by the end of the lesson including preppies faces and clothing. Aren't the funnest lessons the messiest?

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Year 3 Complementary Colour Collages

Year 3s have been learning about paper collages and complimentary colours.

Students drew their animal or creature on to a coloured piece of paper, cut their image out, and glued it onto the complementary colour. Next they cut their image out leaving a half a centimetre boarder. Students than decorated their image using small cut out shapes and careful layering. After their image was done, they created a fantastic complimentary background.

This art piece took 2-3 classes to complete. Early finishers continued on with their dream home.