Monday, 20 May 2013

Year 3 Silhouettes

 This term Year 3s are learning about perspective and how to create depth and distance in art work.  

We learned that colours are lighter and objects are smaller towards the horizon line. Students also learned that a silhouette is an image that is filled in with black. 

We first used soft pastels to create the background and than used black ink to create the images. Tres Belle!


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Year 4 Op Art

A great way to brush up on pattern/repetition, line, shape and colour is to create optical illusions. After looking at a powerpoint on optical illusions Year 4s explored different ways to create optical illusions and chose their favourite idea and created a final copy on either A3 orA4 paper. Students used a variety of materials including pencil crayon, coloured markers, metallic markers and fine liners. 

I love seeing students challenge themselves and these are just a few samples of art work that proves all the hard work that students do in the art room. Great Results!