Saturday, 2 June 2012

5 and 6 Pieces

Toby Year 5- Despicable Me Character
Rory Year 6- Minecraft Acrylic Painting
Siena and Samaia Year 5- Collaborative Acrylic Painting
Grace Year 5- Manga Acrylic Painting
Jackie Year 6- Spray Paint Stencil and Acrylic Painting
Johnny Year 6- Spray Paint Stencil and Acrylic Painting
Danielle Year 5- Acrylic Painting
Beth Year 5- Watercolours
Mia Year 5-  Watercolour Pencils and Soft Pastel
Noah Year 5- Texta and Crayon
Jarod Year 5- Texta
Ethan Year 5- Texta
Cassie Year 5- Grey Lead
Ambrose and Alistair Year 5- Collaborative Drawing
Maddie Year 5- Watercolour Paint and Soft Pastel
Saskia Year 6- Sculpture
Ravenna Year 5- Glow Paints
Eva Year 5- Walking Pallet Acrylic
Sankalpa Year 5- Acrylic Painting
Maggie Year 6- Acylic Painting
Verdhena Year 6- Ruby Acrylic Painting
Tuesday Year - City Acrylic and Glow Painting
Julia Year 5- Watercolour Pencil and Acrylic 
Nicolas Year 6- Pencil Crayon 
Victoria Year 6- Watercolour Pencils

Love it!

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