Thursday, 27 December 2012

Year 4 reduction prints

Year 4 Reduction Printing (one of the most stressful lessons this year). Any tips to keep printing low stress???

We did our first print together as a class (5 tables of ink and brayers) and then for the next two classes I had only one table of 4 printing at a time.

The students that were not printing worked on cross hatching and pointillism (I don't have any pictures as I got a little lazy/forgetful in the last weeks of school). Students were just happy to "free draw" as there wasn't anytime for that during the school year.

I wish I had more pictures but I really did get "forgetful" towards the end of school.


  1. these are great but your right, it can be stressful. i have a super low stress printmaking lesson. paint a small rectangular shape on the table, use q-tip to draw image, place paper on top and burnish, pull print, voila! you can see it on my blog, the post is called Mono-Types. it was successful from Kinder on up.