Tuesday, 20 March 2012

First Batch of Weaving

Year 3s are finished their weaves! This project went from being a 6 week project to an 8 week project. Weaving take a lot of time... and patience!  I saw this project on newcityarts.blogspot.com and thought it was an amazing project.

We took one class to create our story and it took about 6 classes to finish the weave. It took students a couple of classes to get into weaving. Students had troubles making sure that they didn't skip any strings and they also had trouble looping around the last string. Some students also pulled on their strings too tight... It took a while, but every year 3 should know how to weave.

Students created a final copy for their stories as most of them ended up adding new colours/changing their original plan. I was really surprised about how thoughtful students were about their stories. Students  who finished early made little 4 string bracelets.

More will be posted soon!!!

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  1. I love these weavings experiments; very colorful.
    A challenging project for students.