Thursday, 10 November 2011

Draw what you see and not what you know!

Preps learned "Draw what you see and not what you know!"

I know we love how preps draw flowers already... but I really wanted them to look at a real image carefully and draw what they see. Since Preps are learning about nature, I thought that flowers would be fitting.

I brought in some flowers and leaves for preps to look at. We looked carefully at all the shapes and lines we could see in the flowers. We used textas to outline our images and then coloured in the background using soft pastels. Preps learned how to blend the pastels together using their pointer and middle finger. Depending on the class, we either painted or coloured our images.

The preps loved experimenting with the soft pastels and their still life drawings turned out AMAZING!

Look at all the interesting lines!

Careful blending

Careful painting!!!

Voila! Prep J and half of Prep H because I couldn't fit them all on...

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