Monday, 21 November 2011

Year 3 play with Plasticine!

Because of school camp, holidays, planning week and the production, 3C missed out on a few art classes. To make up for the fact, I decided to plan a lesson, that played with the skill of overlapping and collage using plasticine. Students were inspired by Barbara Reid, who is a CANADIAN author and artist. She is known for creating beautiful illustrations using plasticine.

First, students created a plan that included a background and foreground. Second, using their plan as a template, students spread a thin layer of plasticine over thick paper to create their background (there were a lot of sore thumbs afterwards). After, students worked on creating their foreground images and added texture using a thin stick. 

All in all, a successful project. I would have to say only a few had difficulties making sure their plasticine layer was thin enough and keeping their colours separate.

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