Sunday, 12 February 2012

First Week

What a successful first week. Students are busy planning their artworks. Here is just a peak at what we are creating this term.

Also, here are a couple pictures of the art room. Not much has changed from last year. I hope to put a word wall up soon.

I  just realised that I forgot to take pictures of Prep art. Coming soon.

Posters inspired by Pinterest

Arst is... spelled A-R-T. Very insightful ;)

Year 3 Weaving
I was going to do weaving this term with students and found a great artblog that had students create a story to base their weave from.

Year 4 Sewing- Students have planned their weave and have made a good copy for tracing.

Year 5 folios- Students are very excited to get started on their own projects. We just have a couple of folio tasks before they begin on their journey.

Art Mind Map

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