Saturday, 28 April 2012

Preps go Under the Sea

Preps were inspired by Sea Creatures

Magic word: Cool Colours

Preps explored wax resists, cool colours, oil pastels and acrylic paint all in one go.

Day 1: First we created the coral and then we painted the whole page using cool watercolours. I also added a bit of sneaky salt, which I referred to as "magic" to their work to add some texture.  One prep asked me why I was adding salt and another prep said that it was because there is salt in the sea... CUTE.

Day 2: We drew on our sea creatures and colour or painted them in. Half of the classes created their creatures using oil pastels and texta on cover paper and the other half used acrylic paint and oil pastels.
I found that using acrylic paint for the big sea creatures and oil pastels for "baby" sea creatures was more successful.

Some sneaky goggly eyes.
I was blown away with this Preps coral

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