Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Eric Carle Animals

Preps were inspired by Eric Carle's "Animals Animals"

Day 1: Looked at pictures from Animals Animals and talked about what they saw. Students commented on the multicoloured paper and the cut out shapes (like a collage). We used acrylic paint on recycled paper. Students used texture tools and different colours of paint to create a rough texture. We also had a table set up for spattering paper. Kids loved it!

Day 2: We talked about the shapes we saw in a couple of animals and images in nature. Students carefully cut out shapes and glued their shapes to a background. Students were not allowed to draw on their background and if they wanted to draw their shapes out before cutting, they used the back of the paper. Students did an amazing job of creating beautiful collages. So creative! This year, I allowed students to use a hole puncher for eyes and little details. My favourite lesson this year so far.

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