Sunday, 9 September 2012

Year 4 Sculptures

This term, students have been creating the most amazing sculptures. Students worked extremely hard on their sculptures and some even came in during lunch time to work on their sculpture so they could put it in the art show.

Students roughly followed the schedule, but some students were painting, while other students were plastering and building... Busy busy busy!

2 Classes: Students planned their sculptures based on four categories (character, pop art, surrealism and cubism). Students brainstormed 4 different sculptures and then took their favourite drawing and planned a skeleton, drew a front and back view and colour drawing.

2 Classes: Students used various materials including recycled goods and lots of masking tape to create the skeleton of their sculpture.

2 Classes: Students plastered their sculpture using modroc.

2 Classes: Students painted using acrylic paint and decorated their sculpture using goggly eyes, feathers magic clay etc.

*** Students missed one class due to Districts

On their way to be set up for the art show!

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