Friday, 14 September 2012

Art Show 2012

It took 3 days to set up and 1 hour to take down! It was hard work, but it was a very rewarding experience not only for myself but for our students. Thank you to though who came and celebrated the visual arts program with us!

I teach Prep and Year 3-6 and Andrea and Jo teach Year 1 and 2.

Students have created such wonderful pieces of work this year and I am extremely proud of what they have accomplished. I am excited to see what masterpieces students are going to create this term.
Year 5 and 6 pieces
Beautiful Indonesian mural 
Year 5 and 6 Paintings
Prep Homes
Year 3-6
Year 4 Sculptures and Sewing
Year 4 Sculptures
Year 4 Sculptures
Year 3-6
Year 3-6
Prep - 2
Year 3-6
Year 5 and 6 3D pieces

Prep- 2
Year 5 and 6 
Year 3-6
Year 3-6
Prep and Year 1
Prep Clouds with Year 2 Magazine Homes
Year 2 Dragons
Year 3- 6
Year 1 bugs

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