Saturday, 20 October 2012

Prep Spring Trees

I thought we would start this term off with something simple and fun. I love any artwork that has to do with trees and spring is here in Melbourne as it was 24 degrees today!

Our magic word was spring trees.

Day 1: Preps used oil pastels for their tree trunk and branches. They used crayons to give their background some texture (they practiced fast colouring). Preps used watercolour paints to fill in their background. I kind of let them go nuts with colours.

Day 2: Preps cut out leaves using various papers. Originally we were only going to create leaves but students suggested we add butterflies, birds, flowers, tree houses and swings. So glad they did!

1 comment:

  1. Love them! Your preps have done a marvelous job - I can't pick a favourite! I blogged today about my students being so amazed that people - art teachers! - from around the world were looking at, and commenting on, their art. Although I'm not from another country (Queensland, actually) please tell your children that I think their tree-house pictures are fantastic!!