Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Foam Prints with Year 4

I love love love printing. I love the quality of prints- contrast, abstract, bold, clean, colourful etc. Printing might be my favourite skill to teach but it is also the hardest... 1 SINK... enough said.

Students planned out their prints before pressing into a pre cut piece of foam. If students made a mistake I told them to work it into their original design. Foam is tres expensive.

Students used coloured pens to draw their design on to the foam which I think seem to work better than pencil. Students had two classes to print on various coloured paper with various colours of ink.


  1. Some great designs here - I especially like the blue/green on yellow ones third picture from the top. Isn't it interesting how the effect changes so dramatically with different colored inks and paper? Excellent :)Elizabeth

  2. Yes, they done a great job. Definitely worth the clean up!