Thursday, 14 March 2013

Year 3 Cardboard Loom Weaving

Year 3s have been busy creating their stunning weaves this term (a projects that I did last year from and fell in love with). 

Students learned that art work can tell  a story and decorative weaves can sometimes communicate an idea or story. Year 3s spent 1 class planning their stories using different colours to represent their ideas (weaving with intent). It took students 5-6 classes to weave their story to the bottom of their cardboard loom. Students then spent 1-2 classes "publishing" their weave (a class term used for good/final copy for writers notebook). 

For reflection, students either answered what their favourite part of weaving was or what they found challenging about weaving. Students enjoyed working on their good copy of their story as well as seeing their colours change during weaving. Some of the things students found challenging were pulling the wool through the weave evenly (weft) and making sure they didn't poke their needle through the black thread (warp). 

Students put heaps of effort into not only their weaves but their final copy of their weave. I am definitely a proud art teacher!
I also showed them how to cease stripes of colour for those who wanted a little challenge.

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