Thursday, 28 March 2013

Year 4 Embroidery - The Backstitch

No sewing machine used here folks!

Year 4s have spent the first term embroidering a beautiful pillow or tapestry. Students concentrated on creating beautiful little stitches and we ended up with heaps of fantastic and unique designs.

I am even loving the fact that there is a handful of year 6s who were inspired by the Year 4s work and are now doing embroidery for their art pieces. 

***Not all students completed a pillow and opted for the hanging tapestry (the actually stitching of the pillow takes roughly 2 classes). Two classes lost two hours of art due to the public holiday and planning week so there are some who are still finishing off their pillows. Other students who took longer with their embroidering are coming in at lunch to finish stitching their pillows. 

Cross your fingers that next year I might be brave enough to do felties/softies with the new Year 4s!

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